Meat Processing

Douglasville Retail Meat & Smokehouse and Findley’s Butcher Shop, are a full service meat market with Deer Processing available to our hunters. We are a fully licensed DNR deer processing facility in Georgia. We strive to service your processing needs any way possible. We are a custom processor and can do most any cut of meat requested. We reserve the right to refuse any deer not properly handled due to food safety and sanitation.

Every deer that is dropped off must have a Georgia Game Check Number.  Please visit link for more details.  Georgia Game Check

David Widaski, owner and operator of Douglasville Retail Meat & Smokehouse and Findley’s Butcher Shop, is a hunter himself and personally supervises every aspect of the operation. All deer must be accompanied with a deer tag fully filled out within accordance with DNR of Georgia.

Due to limited freezer space, your order must be picked up within 3 days of this notice, or call us to make other arrangements. After 3 days from first contact (phone, email and/or voicemail) the meat will be considered abandoned and we will donate your order to Hunters For The Hungry, and local charities and you will be responsible for processing fee but you will get a tax write off for donation. We encourage donation of wild game to the local charities as Deer season coincides with the holidays and winter time our bodies require more food. Check with store for details.

We hope your experience with Findley’s Butcher Shop this 2023 – 2024 hunting season will be a great one and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email or call us.

Thank you for your business!