Exotic Meats

All exotic meats are special order we do carry some of the items from time to time. We require a 50% deposit on special orders and prices are subject to market conditions. Please call your local store for information on availability.

*pricing is subject to change according to market fluctuation

Bison Burgers $18.99 lb
Bison Ribeye Steaks $28.99 lb.
Bison Strip Steaks $28.99 lb.
Bison Short Ribs $12.99 lb.

Rack of Elk 3-4 pound Average $35.99 lb.
Elk Tenderloins 2 pound Average $49.99 lb.

Venison Burger $14.99 lb.
Venison for Stew $16.99 lb.
Venison Loin Roast $34.99 lb.
Venison Tenderloin $39.99 lb.
Venison Osso Bucco $19.99 lb.

Wild Boar
Wild Boar Racks $29.99 lb.
Wild Boar Tenderloin $38.99 lb.