Paleo Program

Here at Findley’s Butcher Shop, we of course deal mainly in meat and seafood but sometimes customers want to take it a step further.  Either from a medical condition or by personal choice, they have specific nutritional needs that are not found by traditional supply chains.  Conditions such as an allergy to gluten, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are helped controlled by nutrition and better choices.

Unfortunately for some customers, we are the first or second stop after a life changing visit at their physician, the other being the pharmacy.  We provide guidance on how to go forward with the new nutritional requirements for any condition.

First step is to schedule an appointment.  The meeting will consist of a review of the condition and documentation provided by your physician or nutritionist.  Please bring this with you.  After identifying the items that appeal best to your eating habits, we will discuss quantity, portioning and frequency of ordering.  We have most items on hand but on occasion, we need to special order for specific products or large amounts.

Please see contact information below to set up an appointment.

We are nationally certified for all allergens.

Contact Chef John at the Douglasville Location