Mother’s Week Specials

Mother’s Day Weekly Specials Chuck Eye Steaks – $9.99 a lb Pork Chops – $4.99 a lb Chicken Breasts – $4.99 a lb Don’t forget about a our weekly and monthly specials for only $49.99 Weekly Special 2 – 1 1/4″ Cut NY Strips 2 Whole Chicken Breasts 4 Ground Patties 1 Package Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Monthly Special 2lbs Angus Beef Hot Dogs 2 Whole Chicken Breasts 2lbs Boneless Beef Country Style Ribs 3lbs Ground Patties 1lb Fresh Sausage

This Week’s $49.99 Special Package

  Special Package Deal for our email and Facebook Customers $75 dollar package for $49.99!!   Package includes: 2 One inch Rib Eyes 1 slab fully cooked Baby Back Ribs 2 lbs. Ground Round Patties 1 whole Boneless Chicken Breast 1 smoked BBQ Chicken Promotion ends 3/7/2014    All packs require 24 hour notice, please call your local butcher to place your order.

30% off our regular case packages

Stuffed Mushrooms Crab or Sausage $6.99 each Twice baked Potatoes $3.99 / pack Pecan Smoked Pastrami Homemade $9.99 lb. Cooked Baby Back Ribs $9.99 lb. Homemade Fresh Link Grilling Sausages $5.49 lb. You save 30% or more on these packs: Sampler Pack of 8 $199.99 8-8 Ounce Pork Chops 8-8 Ounce Filets 8-8 Ounce Ground Round Patties 8 Chicken Breast Halves Boneless 8 Pound Pork Butt Roast 8-8 Ounce Cube Steaks 8-8 Ounce Pack of Stew Meat 8 Fresh Sausage links 30 Day Family Pack Continue reading →