Wild Hog and other Custom Exempt Processing

Link to 2023-2024 Wild Hog and Custom Exempt Processing Form

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Findley’s Butcher Shop has 2 locations (Cartersville and Dallas) that are licensed for Custom Exempt Processing through the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We are able to take Wild Hog, Domestic Hog, Beef, Elk, Bison, Moose, Antelope, Bear, etc. as long as the meat is for personal use (no resale).

All animals for processing must be skinned, gutted, quartered and in a cooler for bleeding. We will bleed for a minimum of 7 days to improve the quality of the meat. We do not take hides, feet, heads or organ meat.

When are going through the form of how you want it processed we will need to know what type of budget we are working with as we have had instances of sticker shock. We will work only within the confines of this budget and will have your initials to show that you agree on that number.

We can make your kill as tasty as possible into chops, roast, hams, and fresh sausage. We suggest, if you decide to take a hog, that you kill a small boar or sow. The large boars will leave a smell in your kitchen while cooking that even an understanding spouse will not tolerate. It does not make any difference if it is sausage, fried, roasted or whatever.

We do suggest getting your kill skinned and on ice ASAP. Bacteria grows on all wild game within minutes of kill. Make sure to wash off your animal as well as you can with cold water get rid of the hair. We do not suggest keeping feet, ears, or tails. Skin and parts need to be discarded.  This is a wild animal and no vaccines or health maintenance of the hog during its life cycle.

Back in Texas we would build hog traps and feed the trapped hog corn and oats for 30-45 days to get them fattened up and help clean out their system. Check with a local Veterinarian or the Internet on this. This will help remove some of the wild taste but not all.

Some hunters want the hog mixed with the deer for sausage. ***We DO NOT do this!!!*** We guarantee the quality of your venison sausage when mixed with domestic pork or beef; however we DO NOT guarantee any product when made with Wild Hog. As stated above, we offer no guarantees as to the quality or taste of your Wild Hog. Wild Hog populations need to be controlled, the same as deer and we are pleased to be able to process them for you again.

You will double your meat when we make your sausage. Sausage is done in 5 pound increments which means you will yield 10 pounds of finished product.

Adding Bacon to your ground meat is market price, and beef fat is $3.50 lb we recommend 20% fat or bacon to ensure tasty moist meat.

The condition of your meat when delivered to us determines the total yield after being processed. We take every precaution to ensure that each order is kept separate. The meat that you pick up will be your meat. Please make your processing charge worth the expense…Get the most for your money…Take care of your meat.

Thanks and good hunting.