Sausages Fresh and Smoked

Fresh and Smoked Sausage

All of our sausages and snack sticks are made in house from scratch, with absolutely zero fillers. We make all of our sausages with the finest spices.

Breakfast Sausages

Mild with sage, Hot with sage, Maple with sage, Honey pan, Country mild, Country hot

Fresh Sausage Links

Bratwurst, Beer Brats, Cheddar Brats, German, Polish, Kielbasa, Green Onion, Cajun, Bohemian Garlic, Mild Italian, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Rope Italian, Andouille, BBQ, Chorizo

Smoked Sausage

Country, Jalapeño and Cheddar, BBQ, Green Onion, Cajun, Andouille, Boudin, Polish, Kielbasa, Garlic, German

Snack Sticks

Original, Country, Garlic, Andouille, Green Onion, Cajun, Polish, Pepperoni, German, Habañero, Jalapeño, BBQ, Chorizo

Summer Sausage

Original, Pepper, Garlic, Jalapeño and Cheddar, Salami