Fresh Seafood

All of our fresh seafood is wild caught we will update the weekly prices of the market. You will simply put your order in by Tuesday for Friday pick up. All fresh fish are limited in supply and on a first come first serve basis.  Species that are available are below but subject to change.

Yellowfin Tuna
Bluefin Tuna
Cod Fillets
Scrod Fillets
John Dory Fillets
Striped Bass
Halibut Fillets
Black Cod

Mahi Mahi
Red Snapper
Sea Bass
Tilapia Fillets

U8 Dry Scallops
U10 Dry Scallops
10 – 20 count Dry Scallops
20-30 count Dry Scallops

Clams and Mussels
Littleneck Clams 100 ct box
24 ct Littleneck Clams Bag
Middleneck Clams 100 ct.
Topneck Clams 100 ct. box
10 pound bag mussels

Virginia Soft Shell Crab 18 per tray
Peekytoe Fresh Maine Crabmeat
Florida Jumbo Lump
Florida Lump Blue Crab

Pastuerized Crabmeat
Heron Point Colossal Crabmeat
Heron Point Jumbo Lump
Heron Point Petite Jumbo Crab
Heron Point Super Lump Crab
Heron Point Lump
Heron Point Special Lump
Heron Point Claw Meat
Heron Point Cocktail Jumbo Lump
Heron Point Cocktail Finger Crab

Apalachicola 30 lb.
Blue Point 100 count
Malepeque Premium
Eagle Creek 100 count
Triton Cove 100 count